The Front Porch Portrait Project

Change out of those quarantine clothes and dress up!

The Front porch portrait project is a simple and free offering of smiles and memories through these interesting times.

If you live in Central Oregon, drop us a line. We’ll set up the date and time, swing by and shoot a quick front porch portrait session of you, your family and even the critters, (At a safe distance, of course, thanks to focal length!) We will then edit and grade your portraits and send you the free files by email. This is going to be fun.

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Our Work


Using all the best lenses, lights, strobes and studio gear to create something out of the norm. Every Image gets detailed post production in Lightroom and Photoshop.


Family events, trainings, real estate and corporate social media based edits are the new photo album. Edited to your look and feel with attention to detail. Even if filmed on the side of a mountain.


Many drones, quads and devices to do many different things. Project management to real estate and survey work. Licensed and insured, all the bases are covered for your needs.

About Us

Combat Veteran and First Responder owned and operated

Brett Miller
Producer and Director or Photography

When you purchase files or prints from our SmugMug store or hire us for a filming gig, 100% of all earnings from our projects directly support Veterans and First responders through these 501(c)(3) charities based in the Pacific Northwest.

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